About us

OPTIL.io is the on-line judge system that receives algorithmic solutions of optimization problems in a form of source code from the crowd of developers, compiles it, executes in a homogeneous run-time environment and objectively evaluates using the set of test cases. Problems that are solved can be provided by external companies or scientists. Solutions can be submitted in almost any programming language. Then submitted solutions are carefully assessed taking into account resource limitations set for the run-time environment, such as CPU time or virtual memory. Each participant can continuously observe how his solution is being compared to others and improve it further.

Please contact us immediately if you are:

  • Manager responsible for solving any optimalization problem at your company. We can help you to model this problem and set up a contest which will help you to solve it. Do not wait whenever you have concerns about performance of any process at your company.
  • Researcher who want to publish scientific optimalization problem to make it easy to compare solutions of the problem prepared by researchers from all over the world.
  • Teacher who wants to define optimization problem to use during the classes.

We are young scientists employed in the Institute of Computing Science at the Poznan University of Technology. One of the key areas of the institute is Operational Research, hence, we have a possibility to cooperate with world class specialist in this area during the development of the website and during modelling potential problems. The leader of the team is Szymon Wasik responsible also for the development of Optil.io's engine. The technical lead is Maciej Antczak. The programming team consists of outstanding computing science students: Jan Badura, Michal Bien, Artur Laskowski and Tomasz Sternal. The project is also actively supported by other researchers working at the same institute: Wojciech Jaskowski, Jedrzej Marszalkowski, Maciej Milostan, Michal Kierzynka and Wojciech Frohmberg.

The project is co-financed by The National Centre for Research and Development within the LIDER programme. More information about this grant can be found here.

Current version of the system: 3.1.0 (compiled at ${date}).

In mathematics and computer science, an optimization problem is the problem of finding the best solution from all feasible solutions. It occurs always when you have to maximize or minimize some valueregardless of discipline. Optimization problems have to be solved in economics, manufacturing, logistics, operational research, physics or even during modelling biological processes.